jueves, 31 de julio de 2008

unit 7

An invented

What is your invented used for?

This one has a very important used to the fact that it facilitates the free and comfortable mobility of the disabled person offering him the facilities as a steering wheel to be able to guide in a more effective way his chair of wheel.

What invented it?

It is a new wheelchair invented by the Japanese.

What are some basic functions?

its principal function is the GPS(GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM) that it guides to the disabled person for the ways of this humanity without any class of problem and that indicates them the presence of equipments reserved to persons with mobility. Also between and other functions stands out the system of Brake which is similar to that of a motorcycle.

What are some tips and recommendation?

The only thing that it would be necessary to have roof and some luxuries as a breeding(reproductive) radius!

what do you think?

Unit 6

It talk about Cammon complainst of familias wiht teenagers.

Parents about teens

My kids:

Don´t listen to my advice.
Don´t clean the house.
Don´t go to bakery.
Don´t help around the house.
Don´t order their bedrooms.
Don´t comeback early to the house.
Don´t obey me.
Don´t visit my family.
Teens about parents

My parents:
Always tell me what to do.
Don´t listen to my opinions.
Always chout me.
Always grumble me for everything.
Don´t respect my privacy.
Don´t understand me.
Don´t want/like that we leave to anywhere.
it is in my family we live in problems fot this. what do you think???

viernes, 4 de julio de 2008

Unit 3. Time for a change

In this unit we talk about adjectives used to describe houses and apartments.

Difference in apartaments
Apartment A

It has as many bedrooms as apartment B.

The bedrooms are bigger

It’s Dark and dingy

It was in a dangerous neighborhood

It’s cheaper than apartment B

The closets are longer

Apartment B

The living room is huge

The bedrooms are too small

There isn´t enough closet space for my clothes

It’s not as cheap as apartment A

It’s bright and modern

It’s a safe neighborhood

These apartments are really well!!
What do you think about them?

jueves, 3 de julio de 2008

Unit 4. I*ve never heard of that

In this unit we talk about our favorite ethnic dishes, the traditional dishes of differents countries, and favorites snacks.

Ama-za-zing Chocolate Chip Cookies

Prep Time: 30 minutes or less | Cook Time: 30 minutes or less | Serves: 10
Dessert: Cookies from American


1 Cup Sugar
1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
2 Tsp. Vanilla
2 Eggs
1 Cup Butter (2 Sticks)
2 1/3 Cups Flour
1 Tsp. Salt
1 Tsp. Baking Soda
3 Cups Chocolate Chips

Step 1:

Preheat oven until 375 degrees. Mix together sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, eggs, and butter until creamy.

Step 2:

Add flour, salt, and baking soda and mix together until fully blended.

Step 3, 4, 5, 6

Step 3:

Add chocolate chips and stir until the chips are evenly distributed.

Step 4:

Place on the pan.

Step 5:

Make sure to distribute the cookies evenly so that they have room to spread. Also, try to keep them all the same size.

Step 6:

Bake in the oven for approximately 9 minutes or until thoroughly cooked.


........What do you think about this cookies?

Unit 5. Going places

Places that I like to visit.


1. - Tourist destination: Spain

The Spanish passion for living is deliciously contagious.

The best time to go: The ideal months to visit are May, June and September (plus April and October in the south).

The weather: The meseta and Ebro basin have a continental climate: scorching in summer, cold in winter and dry. Madrid regularly freezes in December, January and February and temperatures climb above 30°C (86F) in July and August (locals describe it as: nueve meses de invierno y tres de infierno - nine months of winter and three of hell).

Tourist activities and attractions:

Andalucía is a delicious feast for the eyes and a roaring banquet for the mind. Andalucía is perhaps the least European part of western Europe; but the region's heritage is Spanish as well as Muslim.Numerous festivals year-round allow Andalucians to indulge their love of colour, crowds, music, historical plays and general showing off.

1.-Night view of Plaza De San Francisco, Seville

2.- Rock climbers' paradise: El Chorro Gorge, central-southern Andalucia

Barcelona; here are plenty of opportunities for exercise in this healthy, sports-keen city. If you're a golfer, you'll be itching to play in Spain, one of the capitals of the game. The seafront is the best spot for jogging, walking, skating and blading.

Barcelona is bursting with pubs, hedonistic gay bars and frenetic clubs, and the whirr of live jazz, rock, flamenco and salsa is never far away. The calendar is crammed with holidays and festivals, and Barcelonins are usually buzzing with the anticipation of an upcoming event.

2.- Tourist destination : Margarita´s isle.

Despite the holiday crowds, 'isla de tourism' is a pear in the Caribbean.

Sunseekers and bargain hunters unite! Isla de Margarita has a bounty of beaches to bask in, and duty-free prices to make any shopper drool. Top that off with a nicely chilled Margarita cocktail and you could be in paradise.

The best time to go: Being a predominantly Catholic country, Venezuela celebrates Carnaval in February or March every year; if you want to experience maximum party action, head to Isla de Margarita. It's famous for its Carnaval festivities.

The weather; it’s renowned for its glorious weather, with bright sunny days all year, and balmy temperatures that hover, on average, between 25-28°C (77-82°F), cooled by evening breezes. It's dry most of the time, with brief rainy periods lasting from November to January, and July to August, when the rain falls mostly during the night.

Clothes to bring: shots, t- shirts, tennis, caps, others.

Tourist activities and attractions: visit: El Valle del Espíritu Santo. Playa El Agua.Playa Caribe.
club la Playya.


Where are we going to start from?
You should go to Europe.

What time of the year should we travel?
We should travel in august.

How are we going to travel?
We are going to travel by air plane.

What counties and cities should we visit?
You should visit Spain, Germany, Italy and France.

How long should we spend in each place?
You should spend a week in each place.

Where are we going to stay?
You are going to hotels

What are we planning to do and see there?
You can visit many places and jogging, walking, skating and blading.

How much money do we have to take?
You have to take a lot of money

What do we need to take with us?
You need money, clothes, a camera, and a map.

Unit 3

My dream house

My house is big, spacious, confortable, and modern.
The services are good, it has water, gas, electricity and
Telephone every day. However it`s a noisy and dangerous neighborhood.
It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a dining room,
porch, garage, and patio.
The kitchen is too small, however The living room and the dining room
Are hugs.
My bedroom isn`t as big enough as my parent`s bedroom.
The brother`s bathroom isn`t as big enough as my parent´s bathroom.
My porch isn`t as small as my neighbor.
My garage isn´t as big enough as my neighbor.
there isn`t enough closet space
There isn´t enough garage space
I wish I had my own bedroom and my own bathroom.
I wish I had a room to study.
I wish I lived in other neigborhood.

I wish I lived in Europe.
My dream house is big, confortable, bright, modern, private and safe.
It has many bedrooms, swimming pool and garden.